Kansas state Rep. Kevin Yoder is the favorite to emerge from a crowded 3rd district GOP primary and will likely face Democrat Stephene Moore, wife of retiring Rep. Dennis Moore (D-Kan.), in the general election.

But the Kansas Democratic Party wants to soften him up before that happens. The party released a Web video Wednesday that plays off the lawmaker's surname.

"Have you noticed some of Kevin Yoder's ads just don't pass the sniff test?" the announcer says. The ad goes on to say the failed "sniff test" comes from the "Yoder odor."

Democrats weren't the first ones to rhyme Yoder's family name with something. The Republican lawmaker's latest TV ad is titled "Yoder voter."

"I'm a Yoder-voter mom," one woman says in the 30-second ad. The term "Yoder voter" is repeated several more times before the close.

The Kansas primary is Aug. 3.