New York Gov. David Paterson (D) said at a news conference Monday that he is standing behind Rep. Charles Rangel (D) despite charges from the House Ethics Committee. 

“I support Congressman Rangel 100 percent,” Paterson said Monday, according to the Daily News.  

“I support him in his reelection bid,” Paterson continued. “Obviously there are charges that he has to face and I think the resolution of that is something that we don’t know in the future and until that time it’s been my honor to watch him for 40 years.”

A handful of other New York Democrats, including Sen. Charles Schumer (D) and state Attorney General Andrew Cuomo (D), who is running for governor, have been reluctant to express support for Rangel over the past two days.

Meanwhile, Rangel isn’t exactly laying low. He answered questions from reporters for the third straight day Monday. 

Asked about Schumer’s statement that he intends to give Rangel the chance to state his case before coming to a conclusion, Rangel said Schumer “has been my buddy for many many years. And just because somebody can think of a question doesn’t mean I’m going to respond to it.”