Former state Sen. Pamela Gorman (R) continues to draw attention in the crowded primary field vying to replace retiring Rep. John Shadegg (R-Ariz.).

On Tuesday she announced the endorsement of former ambassador Alan Keyes (R).

"I believe there is one candidate in the Republican primary for Congress in [the 3rd] district who can truly help lead the effort to save America, if you will empower her to do so. That candidate is Pamela Gorman," Keyes said in a statement.

Getting Keyes's endorsement is not Gorman's first unconventional move. She released a Web video in June that featured scenes of her blasting the desert with what appeared to be a Tommy gun, then a pistol and later an M-16 assault riffle.

Keyes famously lost to President Obama in the 2004 Illinois Senate election. He ran for the 2008 Republican presidential nomination but failed to win a single primary. He subsequently left the GOP to run for president as the nominee for the America's Independent Party. It's unclear how much appeal he has to the GOP electorate in Arizona.