Kansas state Sen. Tim Huelskamp (R) won a six-way primary Tuesday in the Republican contest for Rep. Jerry Moran's (R) seat. 

The AP called the race with 89 percent of precincts reporting. Huelskamp led with 35 percent of the vote to state Sen. Jim Barnett's 25 percent. Real estate agent Tracey Mann took third with 21 percent of the vote.

In a district that went for Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) with 69 percent of the vote in 2008, Tuesday's Republican primary might as well have been the general election to fill Moran's seat.

The six-person field headed into the primary with no clear frontrunner. A Survey USA poll had Mann, Barnett and Huelskamp tied at 24 percent. 

Mann did have the financial edge in the contest — he spent some $100,000 of his own cash on the race and close to $500,000 total.

But last week, Mann stirred up a controversy on a Kansas radio show when asked about President Obama's citizenship. "I think the President of the United States needs to come forth with his papers and show everyone that he's an American citizen and put this issue to bed," Mann said.

A local newspaper rescinded its endorsement of Mann over the comments.