Democratic Arizona Reps. Gabrielle Giffords and Ann Kirkpatrick both called Tuesday on the Senate to interrupt its summer recess to pass a bill that approves another $600 million for border security.

Both members are likely to face tough Republican opponents this fall and have been grappling with immigration and border-security issues in their districts. 

On the House floor Tuesday, Giffords said residents in her district "are sick and tired of all the partisan bickering and political games around securing the U.S.-Mexican border."

Giffords assailed the Senate for not acting on the issue saying, "The senate needs to come back and deal with this issue."

Her likely Republican opponent, state Sen. Jonathan Paton, has made immigration the top issue of his campaign and has labeled Giffords soft on enforcement. Giffords has countered with an intense focus on border security. 

In a statement Tuesday, Rep. Kirkpatrick echoed Giffords's call, noting that the House rushed back into session this week to pass a $26 billion state aid proposal. 

“Senators need to follow our lead, return to Washington and take fast action to help secure the border," Kirkpatrick said. "This process has been much slower than it should have been, and we should not have to wait until September to strengthen our security — we must start putting more manpower and resources in action now."

The Senate must take up the bill again when it returns from the August recess.