Republican Michael Grimm is still hammering Rep. Mike McMahon (D-N.Y.) over a list of Jewish donors to Grimm that a former McMahon campaign aide forwarded to a reporter.

Grimm, one of McMahon's potential GOP challengers, filed a complaint with the Federal Election Commission over the list last week and now wants the House ethics committee to look into whether the list was compiled using government resources. 

Grimm faces a September primary against Republican Michael Allegretti. 

Last month, campaign spokesman Jennifer Nelson was fired by McMahon after sending the New York Observer a spreadsheet labeled "Jewish money Q2." Nelson said it was intended to demonstrate Grimm's lack of financial support in the district.

More from the Staten Island Advance:

Grimm noted U.S. House of Representative rules forbid official resources, such as House offices, to be used for campaign or political purposes.

Former McMahon campaign spokeswoman Jennifer Nelson has been quoted as saying a list of "Jewish money" Grimm donors was compiled after a discussion with McMahon's Washington staff in his House office.

Grimm served up a letter to the House Office of Congressional Ethics penned by one of his campaign supporters calling for an investigation into the possible use of McMahon's government resources for political purposes.

The McMahon campaign has not yet responded to a request for comment.

Grimm previously raised the ire of New York Democrats when he said in an interview with The Hill that had McMahon voted in favor of healthcare reform, he likely would have been in physical danger.