Arizona House candidate Ben Quayle (R) accused the media of focusing on his recent foibles because of his famous last name.

The son of former Vice President Dan Quayle has admitted he wrote for a racy website called but denied he had a column under the byline "Brock Landers."

Quayle said he was used to "being made fun of" because of his name.

"Having the last name of Quayle, we're used to being made fun of and [having] some parody and having things that aren't true being said about you," he told CNN's John King on Friday. "So, you know, it stings but you know that's the way that politics goes nowadays."

King read Quayle a quotation from Republican rival, Pam Gorman, who said "there's 10 people in this race, there's nine of us that may not agree on anything. But we all agree that it's completely offensive that Dan Quayle is trying to buy his little boy a seat in Congress."

Quayle and Gorman are two of the 10 Republicans vying to succeed retiring Rep. John Shadegg (R-Ariz.).

King asked him to respond.

"That's what I've been dealing with since day one on this campaign," Quayle said.

"They know that they can't attack me on the issues because I'm — I have a much better future — vision for the future of our country. … [T[hey just attack me on that sort of things that doesn't make any sense. So she can say what she wants, but in the end, we will take the nomination and move on to the general election."

Quayle also reaffirmed his belief that Obama is the "worst president in history."

"It seems like right now he's starting to destroy the American dream," he told King.