An investigation has been launched into why an envelope of white powder was sent to the office of Rep. Tom Perriello's (D-Va.) Republican opponent. 

State Sen. Robert Hurt (R) received a suspicious envelope at his Chatham office Friday. When he opened it, he saw the powder, according to Pittsylvania County Sheriff Mike Taylor. The Postal Service is now examining the incident.

Investigators are testing samples and should know the results early next week, Taylor said. "It is a criminal offense to mail a suspicious material, even if it is nontoxic."

Hurt’s camp issued a statement saying his main concern is "his staff and the workers who may have handled this mail at the post office."

Perriello, a freshman, is a top Republican target. His district has already been the scene of political mischief this cycle.

During the lead up to the final healthcare vote in March, a Tea Party member posted Perriello's brother's Charlottesville address online, according to the Richmond Times-Dispatch, and the following day at the house a gas line to an outdoor grill was cut. Police called it "a deliberate act of vandalism."