Rep. Donna Edwards (D-Md.) has the backing of the Washington Post’s editorial board to emerge from her four-way primary.

"She is a champion of labor unions, a skeptic on free trade and a doubter when it comes to projecting American force overseas," the board wrote Monday. "We may not always agree with her, but we admire the energy, hard work and intelligence that informs her work as a legislator. She deserves another term in Congress."

The board's editorial praised Edwards as an "unapologetic liberal of the old school."

The winner of the Sept. 14 primary is expected to hold the heavily-Democratic district.

Edwards famously defeated eight-term Rep. Al Wynn (D-Md.) in a primary in 2008.

Edwards wasn't in serious danger of losing her primary this cycle, but the paper's backing may help her to a comfortable win. In 2009, the Post's endorsement helped Virginia Democrat Creigh Deeds clinch his party's gubernatorial nomination. He touted the backing in a memorable TV ad before the vote.