Colorado Rep. Betsy Markey wasn't in Congress when the House voted on the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act in October 2008. But to hear the freshman Democrat tell it, the passage of the bill, which 172 members of her party voted for, really "offend[s]" her.

"Maybe it's my 20 years as a small-business owner, but these Wall Street bailouts really offend me," she says in her first TV ad of the campaign. "No one ever gave me a bailout."

"Bailout is just another word for cop-out," she adds. "And here in Colorado, that's not how we do business."

The ad is set to start airing Tuesday.

Markey faces a tough reelection race against Republican Cory Gardner, a top prospect of the National Republican Congressional Committee.

She is just the latest Democrat to take aim at the financial industry bailout. In Missouri, Democratic Senate candidate Robin Carnahan used her first TV ad to attack Republican Roy Blunt for helping pass the bill, which got 91 Republican votes in the House.

Markey, meanwhile, did vote for the stimulus bill, which is also proving problematic for members this cycle. 

Republicans said Markey's ad was "full of hot air and half-truths."

"Contrary to the lip service in her ad, Markey has actually advanced Washington's bailout culture throughout her term, bailing out the auto industry and leaving our children and grandchildren with trillions in debt," Joanna Burgos, an NRCC spokeswoman, said in a statement. 

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