In what has been a relatively boring August recess, at least as far as town-hall meetings go, an Iowa Democrat gave the old "ambush your opponent" tactic a try Monday. 

The Democrat running against Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) this fall crashed a town-hall meeting held by the congressman Monday in Sioux City and demanded that King debate him. 

Matt Campbell (D) walked into the meeting and positioned himself near the podium where King was standing. After proclaiming that there would be no "ambushes or interruptions" at the meeting, King acknowledged his opponent and told him he could ask a question. Campbell then challenged King to a debate.

King responded, "My answer to that is that judging by the way you have conducted yourself you have not earned it."

King represents a Republican heavy district and isn't expected to face a major challenge from Campbell in the fall. The video is courtesy of the Sioux City Journal: