Former Staten Island congressman Vito Fossella (R) will make a rare public appearance at a rally protesting the mosque planned to be built near Ground Zero in New York City.

Fossella was forced into retirement last cycle after a 2008 drunken-driving arrest revealed he had a second family in the Washington suburbs. There was speculation he was planning a comeback in 2010, but that ended in May when he denied plans to return to public life. "I am frankly at a very good place in my life," he told reporters at the time.

Freshman Rep. Mike McMahon (D-N.Y.) now holds Fossella's former seat. Republicans Michael Allegretti and Michael Grimm are vying for the Republican nomination.

Fossella will join Rep. Pete King (R-N.Y.) and other Republican officials at the "peaceful" rally Sunday at Rescue 5's Memorial Garden on Staten Island.