Democrat Colleen Hanabusa is trailing Rep. Charles Djou (R-Hawaii) in money raised and recent polls, but her latest ad plays like she's ahead.

In the 30-second spot, released on Thursday in Hawaii, Hanabusa speaks directly to the camera and doesn't mention Djou, who defeated her in the May special election for the seat. "I've never been known as a flashy politician; pretty much what you see is what you get," Hanabusa says in the ad.

The take-it-or-leave-it approach may not be the best one for Hanabusa as even the Democratic leadership wasn't satisfied with what it saw with her performance during the special election and chose to back former Rep. Ed Case (D-Hawaii).

Republicans had some fun with Hanabusa's new ad.

"If Hawaii families get what they see from Hanabusa, they'll see more of their hard-earned money leaving their own pocket to be spent recklessly by the federal government," Joanna Burgos, a spokeswoman for the National Republican Congressional Committee, said in a statement.

Hanabusa recently closed the fundraising deficit she had with Djou. The Democrat raised $330,000 in the last reporting period, according to her pre-primary filing. Djou raised $205,000 during the same time. Hanabusa now trails Djou by less than $25,000 cash on hand, having $403,000 banked for the general compared to $427,000 for Djou.

A poll conducted by the Tarrance Group for Djou's camp in July had the Republican leading Hanabusa 50 percent to 42.