Democrats in closely contested races would "welcome" a visit from President Obama, according to Rep. Chris Van Hollen (Md.), chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

"We welcome the president [to campaign] in [our] contested districts. As he has said, he's going to take his lead from Congressional candidates," Van Hollen told Bloomberg Television's Al Hunt. "And besides, there's only a certain number of places the president can go between now and November."

Van Hollen said he "disagreed" with the prediction that Republicans would retake control of the House. 

“We're not making any predictions other than that we are going to work very hard to do as best we can going forward," he said. "I believe that when people do focus on that choice. Republicans want this just to be about the Democrats -- 'Don't listen to what we have to propose; just look at the Democrats.' We're asking them to finally listen to what Republicans would do if given the chance."

Obama said Friday he's not surprised by members of his party who are running away from the Democrats' Washington leadership. 

"Every candidate out there has their own district, their own makeup, their own plan, their own message," the president said during a news conference Friday. "In an environment where we still have 9.5 percent unemployment, people are going to make the best argument they can right now."

--Shane D'Aprile contributed to this post.