Republicans are confident about winning several House races in New York this cycle, and Rep. John Hall's (D) is one of them.

Hall faces Republican Nan Hayworth, who's running on the GOP, Conservative and Independence lines. In addition to facing united conservative opposition, Hall is also being hit in a TV ad by Revere America, the group founded by former Gov. George Pataki (R) to campaign against the Democrats' healthcare bill.

The ad warns that "government-run healthcare" will lead to "longer waits in doctors' offices," among other things.

"Those who voted for the bloated healthcare bill will now feel the heat for supporting a bill the American people didn’t want," Pataki said in a statement.

Some Democratic activists have grumbled that their side isn't putting significant resources behind positive healthcare messaging. Meanwhile, support for the party's landmark legislation is eroding.

Support for healthcare reform fell seven points in August to 43 percent, while 45 percent of the public have unfavorable views of the bill, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation tracking poll for August.