California Rep. Jerry McNerney has expanded his lead over Republican challenger David Harmer to 2,269 votes, according to the Democrat's campaign.

"It's clear that the momentum is in McNerney's favor and continues to grow," Doug Greven, McNerney's campaign manager, said in a statement.

McNerney led by 632 votes on Monday.

"Late results on election night broke strongly in McNerney’s favor, and that trend has continued," Greven added. "In the days since the election, McNerney’s lead has grown significantly. Now he leads by 2,269 votes."

McNerney's camp believes he is "well-positioned to stay in the lead when the remaining votes are counted."

Vote counting, which had been slowed by an influx of vote-by-mail ballots that were dropped off at the polls on Election Day, is expected to be completed by Nov. 24.