The Texas Secretary of State wants more money and more "information" from Rep. Solomon Ortiz (D) before agreeing to a recount, according to

Ortiz had asked the office for a manual recount of his race against Republican challenger Blake Farenthold.

After Election Day, he trailed Farenthold by 799 votes. But Ortiz, who's served 14 terms in the House, picked up seven votes after a bag containing early votes was found in Robstown two days later, according to The Ortiz camp said those missing ballots prove there could be other errors in the vote counting.

On Tuesday, Ortiz deposited $11,500 dollars with the secretary of state's office in order to begin the recount. But officials said they want another $12,000 before proceeding. They're also asking for additional paperwork. The Ortiz camp said it would comply with the request and they're confident the recount will proceed.

Farenthold has already declared victory, and on Tuesday he called again for Ortiz to concede.