Anti-abortion activist Randall Terry, the man behind the airing of campaign ads in the Washington, D.C., area earlier this year that featured graphic images of aborted fetuses, wants to take the ads national in 2012. 

Terry told The Washington Post that he's planning to recruit Congressional candidates in or around 25 of the nation's largest media markets in 2012 in an attempt to get the greatest amount of exposure for the spots. 

He's also weighing his own bid for president two years from now. Terry said that would pave the way for him to run an ad during the Super Bowl, which he called "the coup de grace."

This past cycle, Terry recruited Missy Reilly Smith to run against Washington, D.C., Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton (D). Smith's campaign then ran the ads, the content of which cannot be altered, according to federal law.

More from the Post:

The ads "did exactly what they were supposed to do," Terry said. "Missy's ad got more pro-life debate, more pro-life two and a half weeks than all other pro-life news that I know of in the whole country."

Smith, running as a Republican, got only 6 percent of the vote against incumbent Democrat Eleanor Holmes Norton.

The ad strategy comes out of a deliberate attempt by Terry to emulate "the social revolutions of the past" -- he mentioned the American Revolution and the civil rights movement in an interview at his Northern Virginia home Friday.

"I have no question that child-killing will not be ended until America has a crisis of conscience brought about by seeing the babies," he said. "If I run for the presidency, it will be to bring America face to face with dead babies."