Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann (R) wants campaign contributions to fight the "organized attacks" from broadcasters Chris Matthews and Bill Press.

Bachmann said the two "liberal talking heads" would "like nothing more than to silence me from exposing the truth about the wasteful spending and corruption caused by the left's unconstitutional policies."

Bachmann regularly cites her perceived detractors when asking supporters for cash. This plea comes on the morning of the quarterly fundraising deadline. Midnight Thursday is the cutoff to record contributions for the April 15 Federal Election Commission reports.

"This FEC fundraising report will be scrutinized far more closely than past reports by members of the media, my potential opponents and Democrats running Barack Obama's reelection campaign," Bachmann wrote, asking for help raising an additional $150,000.

The congresswoman is expected to decide later this year whether she'll launch a presidential bid in 2012.