Nevada Republican Sharron Angle warned supporters in a fundraising email Friday that while she wants Rep. Dean Heller's (R-Nev.) soon-to-be-vacant House seat, "the left wing of the Republican Party wants it more."

State elections officials are still working out the logistics of a special election to fill Heller's seat after Gov. Brian Sandoval (R) settled on him as the appointed replacement for Sen. John Ensign (R-Nev.). But the process may leave Angle on the outside looking in.

In a fundraising pitch to supporters, Angle suggested she intends to wage a special election campaign no matter what.

"Instead of more than a year to prepare, I must now raise hundreds of thousands of dollars in just weeks," Angle wrote Friday. "I must do this so we can set the agenda, not our opponents."

In the case of a special election, the nominees of both major parties either will be selected by the state party committees or there would be an open election. The state's GOP establishment prefers the former, which would likely freeze out Angle.

"Instead of an open process — already they are behind closed doors, choosing one of their own to be the preferred candidate in the race," Angle said of Nevada's GOP establishment. "This is exactly why I am running and why I need your help — to put an end to special interest politics!"