One of Washington state's top Democrats is pouring cold water on the notion that Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio) could find a new home in his state next year.

Kucinich is doing little to tamp down rumors he could bolt Ohio and run for Congress elsewhere in 2012 if his district is eliminated in the redistricting process. One possibility is Washington state, which is gaining a seat next year.

But on Tuesday, Democratic state party Chairman Dwight Pelz called the Kucinich rumor "far-fetched" and said he didn't think Democrats would welcome a Kucinich move. 

"I think it's a fantasy," Pelz told The Ballot Box. "I just don't think voters are interested in seeing something like that happen."

Ohio is losing two congressional districts next year in the redistricting process, and Kucinich’s district is on the chopping block.

The eight-term lawmaker has said he plans to stay in Congress but doesn’t want to run against a colleague, prompting speculation he could move to an area with an open seat. Washington's new seat is likely to be centered in an area close to where Kucinich held a fundraiser last week.

“Well, I know he’s been here twice and the new district will be centered in a very liberal area, but I just don’t see how it makes sense,” Pelz said.