House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) met with family members of the victims of Continental Flight 3407 during his campaign swing through upstate New York on Monday.

The appearance, made at the behest of special-election candidate Jane Corwin (R), was likely meant to repair the rift between the Families of Continental Flight 3407 and the GOP leadership.

The group, which represents the victims of the February 2009 crash of a flight from Newark, N.J., to Buffalo, N.Y., adamantly opposed an amendment championed by Rep. Bill Shuster (R-Pa.) that passed the House in April. The families of those on the downed commuter flight said it curbed the federal government's ability to impose aviation safety regulations.

After it passed, Corwin sharply criticized House Republicans. She called the measure "an affront to the Families of Flight 3407's hard-fought efforts for aviation safety reforms" and said she wouldn't have joined the 215 Republicans who voted for it.

Corwin's campaign released photos of the meeting with Boehner, but billed it as a private event.

Boehner also spoke at a fundraiser for Corwin that brought in $150,000 for her campaign. "They want something done about jobs, and they want something done about spending," he told the crowd. "We should remind them what America said last November by electing Jane Corwin."

Polls are showing a tight race with two weeks to go before the vote.