Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio) delivered a fiery speech to a union rally in Washington State Thursday, the latest sign that he could move to run for a congressional seat there.

Kucinich's Ohio district is all but certain to be axed by the Republican state legislators in control of the state's redistricting process — the state will lose two districts due to slow population growth. But he doesn't plan to go quietly, and rather than run in an unfavorable district is mulling a move to Washington, which will be gaining a congressional seat.

His latest visit, according to the Seattle Times, was well received by union members at the Washington State Labor Council's annual convention.

He slammed the debt-ceiling compromise that President Obama and congressional leaders reached, and touted his time working with union members in Washington, including marching with them during the 1999 World Trade Organization protests. He also spoke of his past criticisms of Boeing after they opened a plant in South Carolina reportedly to punish Washington unions for strikes.

Kucinich did not directly address whether he would run in the state, but promised to return frequently in the coming months.

"I like coming here," he said. "It's friendly and I feel at home. I keep getting invitations. Now the invitations are starting to come in several a week."