Reps. Lynch, Keating could face off in primary

Massachusetts Reps. Stephen Lynch and Bill Keating may be facing off in a Democratic primary because of redistricting, according to WCVB, a Boston ABC affiliate.

Massachusetts is losing a congressional district because of the states slow population growth, and every member in the states U.S. House delegation is a Democrat, meaning one wont be coming back.

Democrats in the state legislature, which is in charge of redistricting, indicated that Lynch and Keating are the most likely to be paired in a district.

We have five [House members] that sit in very powerful positions, state Rep. Michael Moran said. We have a woman in Niki Tsongas; we have the 8th congressional district, which is the majority-minority district. So if you take all those, and you consider those are the ones we have to keep, you’re left with Congressman Lynch, Congressman Keating and Congressman [John] Tierney. And just by geography, Congressman Lynch and Congressman Keating seem to be the two that have to run against each other.

Keating is a freshman with little clout in Congress, while Lynch angered some Democrats when he voted against President Obamas health insurance reform law.

The final district lines will determine who has the upper hand in a primary, but Lynchs strong union ties will help him turn out voters.

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