Dem fundraising on not killing animals

Responding to a House Republicans alligator-hunt fundraiser, Rep. Gary Ackerman (D-N.Y.) this week is hoping to attract donations with vows not to kill any animals.

The online fundraiser, Ackermans office said Thursday, offers an animal-friendly alternative to Rep. Jeff Landrys (R-La.) $5,000 alligator hunt, which is scheduled for next month.

$5,000 to kill a reptile? Heck, for a mere 10 percent of that, you can send me $500 and you dont have to kill an alligator, Ackerman wrote in a message to supporters. Dont have 500 bucks, or cant find an alligator in New York? Well just dont shoot a squirrel and send me $50.

Landry, a freshman, is weighing a primary run against fellow Louisiana Rep. Charles Boustany (R) now that the lawmakers districts have been merged by this year’s state-approved redistricting plan.

The invitation for Landrys Sept. 9 alligator hunt states that each person that purchases a tag and intends to ‘pull the trigger’ on an alligator must provide their name and social security # to secure a hunting license.

Afterward, Landry will host a dinner at his house.

Ackermans response includes a picture of an alligator vowing its support for the New York liberal.

No animals, Ackerman added, were harmed in the production of this message!

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