Later Monday morning, EMILY'S List, the deep-pocketed outside group that backs Democratic women who support abortion rights, will endorse Oregon state Sen. Suzanne Bonamici in her bid to replace former Rep. David Wu (D-Ore.).

Wu resigned from Congress after allegations surfaced he was involved in an unwanted sexual encounter with the teen daughter of a longtime supporter.

Bonamici will face Brad Avakian, commissioner of the state Bureau of Labor and Industries, and state Rep. Brad Witt in the primary. Wu's 2010 opponent, Republican businessman Rob Cornilles, is also in the race. 

EMILY's List helped convince Bonamici to run, and its endorsement will give her a financial edge in the three-way primary.

The district gave President Obama 61 percent of its vote in the 2008 election, although Wu, who was already facing allegations of personal misconduct and staff turmoil before the 2010 election, was held to a 55-42 percent win over Cornilles in the Republican wave year.

Even with Obama's current struggles in the polls and his impact on two Democratic losses in House special elections last week, it is unlikely he will hurt whichever Democrat wins the primary in this safely Democratic seat. Wu's struggles made the 2010 election a low-water mark in the district for Democrats.

Should the general election become competitive, it could be the latest sign that down-ticket Democrats are in big trouble heading into next year's elections.