Democrats are aiming to keep the public focused on the recent government shutdown with paid Web ads hitting 31 Republican House members who haven't ruled out orchestrating another one to defund the healthcare law.

The ads, from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, are an attempt to refocus the conversation surrounding President Obama's healthcare law back on the politically unpopular shutdown, as Democrats suffer bad press and Republican attacks due to the botched rollout of the law.

"Congressman Rodney Davis [R-Ill.] refuses to rule out another government shutdown. Tell him we've had enough of the GOP's reckless antics," the ads read.

They're running on Facebook against 31 other House members, many of whom are top Democratic targets for 2014.

While polling showed Republicans taking a hit following the shutdown, Democrats have suffered in recent weeks from the glitchy ObamaCare website and questions surrounding the success of the President's signature law.

DCCC spokeswoman Emily Bittner charged that Republicans have failed to pass a budget, and so are pointing the nation in the direction of another shutdown.

“These House Republicans learned nothing from their last showdown, and while the American people want them to work together on solutions, they haven’t passed a budget that gives up on the irresponsible demand to defund the Affordable Care Act – leading to another reckless shutdown,” she said.

“With only 60 days until the Republican Congress brings us another government shutdown, when will these House Republicans give up their Tea Party demands and back a commonsense budget that takes a balanced approach?”