A Republican candidate running in Georgia’s 10th District released a parody ad of Jean Claude Van Damme’s Volvo video on Wednesday.

Mike Collins, who owns a trucking company, is shown straddling a pair of slow-moving semi-trucks while speaking about the “disastrous” effects of ObamaCare — all set to Enya’s “Only Time.” The online ad is titled: "Mike Collins Epic Split."

The ad mirrors a Volvo video that features Van Damme achieving a full split between two moving trucks. That video, released in November, has received more than 57 million views.

Collins, who does not quite achieve the flexibility of Van Damme, pointed out that the stunt was "performed on a closed road" to "demonstrate the dangers of ObamaCare."

“Now I stand here before you: What you see is a small businessman confronted with ObamaCare — a disastrous government plan that defies the laws of the market and a mindset that the government knows better,” he says in the ad.

Collins — the son of former Rep. Mac Collins (R-Ga.)— is running in the safely Republican district to replace Rep. Paul Broun (R-Ga.), who is seeking the open Senate seat in the state. Collins entered the race in May.

According to Collins’s website, he runs Collins Industries, “which hauls millions of metric tons of freight throughout the U.S. each year.”