The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) is launching a Web campaign featuring Americans outlining the “costs” of repealing ObamaCare.

The committee is running an online ad campaign in 44 competitive districts highlighting Americans who benefitted from the Affordable Care Act, which the DCCC characterizes as “stories about the cost of Republicans’ health care agenda” in a site launched with the campaign.

“I take insulin and 12 other medications, and my daughter’s medicine costs $700 a month. We couldn’t afford it without healthcare reform,” Diane, from Denver, says in the video.

A chorus of voices demands at the end of the video: “Don’t let insurance companies do whatever they want: drop my coverage, deny my care, raise my costs.”

Those are the outcomes, Democrats are warning, of the Republican Party’s stated goal of repealing the law.

The new campaign operates as both offense and defense, as it allows Democrats to publicize the benefits of the law, which have been largely overshadowed by its rocky rollout, while hitting Republicans for proposing repeal.

Polling in recent weeks has shown Democrats taking a hit, in large part because of ObamaCare, and Republicans believe it will continue to be an issue for them through Election Day.

But Democrats have been working to regain some lost ground on the law, touting its benefits and knocking Republicans for failing to offer an alternative. The party hopes that, as more Americans begin to reap the benefits of the law, it will turn into a political advantage rather than a liability for them.