Democratic congressional candidate Amanda Renteria has erroneously listed a Republican-run attack site as her official campaign webpage.

As discovered by the viral media website Buzzfeed, in documents filed with the Federal Election Commission last October, Renteria listed her campaign committee’s Web address as, instead of its actual address,

While the latter is a conventional campaign website, the former is paid for by the National Republican Congressional Committee and attacks Renteria for her past work at Goldman Sachs and her time as an aide to Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) and as chief of staff to Sen. Debbie Stabenow (D-Mich.).

Renteria, the NRCC site says, “took a trip through the revolving door to Capitol Hill and received over one million dollars in taxpayer-funded salary.”

She is also criticized for having ties to “some of Washington’s most liberal Democrats including Dianne Feinstein, a self-described ‘longtime advocate of high speed rail.’”

The jab about Feinstein’s advocacy for rail is a reference to California High-Speed Rail, a state-level project that has aroused intense opposition in the Central Valley area where Renteria is running.

The mistake may have originated with H+P Political Compliance, a political consulting firm that assists with regulatory compliance and treasury management for campaigns. Renteria’s documents were filed by Jay Petterson, one of the firm’s partners.

Renteria's campaign released a statement attributing the error to an accident on the part of the person drafting the documents. The filing has been corrected, it said.

Renteria is challenging Republican David Valadao for his seat in the 21st District. The district, which is 71 percent Hispanic, is a major target for Democrats.