The widow of the late Rep. Bill Young (R-Fla.) said in a Facebook post this week she was disgusted with the Democrat vying for her husband’s seat after a Florida newspaper published a story revealing details about Young’s previous marriage. 

In the post, Beverly Young accuses the Tampa Bay Times of writing a story about her husband’s estranged first family because “they want Alex Sink, a Democrat, to have the seat” that opened with his passing. 

The Times story revealed that Young kept his previous family a secret after marrying Beverly, a congressional secretary, and rarely contacted the children from his first marriage. The paper also found that Beverly sent emails to local politicians, including Gov. Charlie Crist, demanding they not attend the congressman’s funeral.

Florida Republicans have worried that the revelations could hurt the prospects of David Jolly, a former Young staffer who will face off against Sink in the special election. Jolly has featured Beverly in his campaign advertisements.

In her Facebook post, Beverly accused the Times of inaccuracies in their reporting and attempting “to destroy the reputation of an honest, good, loving, hard working man.”

“I know how bad the Democrats and you want a Democrat in my husbands vacant seat and that is your business. But tell me this, Do you have a soul? Where is your common decency?” she writes.

She also accuses Sink of complicity in the reporting of the article.

“The fact that Alex Sink is a widow disgusts me that she can’t show an ounce of compassion for what I and my family are going through at this time, but instead, she has chosen to participate in these hateful attacks on Bill to attempt to hurt the Republican Party,” Young said in the message.

Sink has not commented publicly on the family drama. The special election will be held March 11.