The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee raised $6.8 million in January, about half a million more than the $6.1 million its Republican counterpart brought in last month.

It’s a record-breaking haul for the DCCC, which has consistently outraised the National Republican Congressional Committee this cycle, buoyed by unprecedented fundraising from DCCC Chairman Steve Israel (D-N.Y.) and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.).

Democrats say they’ve made an extra effort to tap grassroots contributors, posting a record-breaking month for contributions under $200. Nearly $3 million of the January sum came from those small-dollar donations.

The DCCC now has $32.2 million in the bank — $8.2 million more than the NRCC has on hand.

And it’s outraised the NRCC by nearly $16 million this cycle. Both committees currently have no debt.

Democrats, however, face a difficult road this cycle in pursuing the 17 seats they need to take back the House. Historically, the party in the White House loses seats, and Republicans are hoping to drag Democrats down with ObamaCare's unpopularity and shaky rollout. 

But Democrats believe they’re on the right side of issues that matter most to voters, like the minimum wage and unemployment benefits. The DCCC is hoping to use its cash advantage to frame the debate on Democrats' terms this cycle.