Grimm raising money off of Bill Maher
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Rep. Michael Grimm (R-N.Y.) is using liberal commentator and comedian Bill Maher — whom he warned supporters peddles “anti-Catholic, leftist propaganda” — to raise money.

In a fundraising email, first reported by the New York Observer, Grimm warns “the liberals are coming,” pointing to one in particular: Maher. The comedian has targeted Grimm as part of his “Flip A District” campaign, which he launched to find what he and his fans believe is the worst congressman in the nation.

As a part of the campaign, Maher plans to air segments showcasing his picks’ more controversial comments and actions in Congress, as well as head to their districts to do standup and effectively campaign against him. Grimm, along with Rep. Blake Farenthold (R-Texas), were the first two congressmen nominated by Maher’s viewers for the campaign.

But Grimm is looking to turn the campaign into an asset, firing off a fundraising email this weekend hammering Maher as part of a liberal takeover of New York City and pointing to some of his more controversial comments on religion.

“Bill Maher is hardly the spokesman for traditional American values, in fact — he’s the opposite,” Grimm writes.

“Like Bill Maher, the DCCC and Mayor de Blasio (aka the most progressive Mayor of New York City has ever seen) want this seat because it would make their lives much easier — let’s face it, I am the only one standing between them and a liberal take over of NYC,” he adds.

Grimm is a top Democratic target, especially because he’s facing multiple investigations into alleged illegal campaign contributions. He represents a swing district that went for President Obama in 2012, a year that Grimm won by just 5 points.