Democrat Ro Khanna has earned the endorsement from the San Francisco Chronicle in his race against Rep. Mike Honda (D-Calif.).

The paper is critical of Honda's efforts to promote Silicon Valley business, saying Khanna, a former Obama administration official, would do more in that regard.

"The word among tech executives who are supporting Khanna is that incumbent Honda generally has been supportive of their positions. They just want more. They want — and this district deserves — a stronger voice in Washington," the paper's editorial board writes after criticizing Honda for not reaching out to the Silicon Valley executives who are backing Khanna in the race to find out why he'd lost their support, and for declining a debate invitation from the paper.

"Mike Honda has served with dignity and an unwavering commitment to civil rights, the environment, education, transportation and constituent concerns," the editorial continues. "Our endorsement of Ro Khanna is not so much a repudiation of Honda as a recognition of the opportunity for an upgrade for a congressional district defined by innovation, resourcefulness and a commitment to meritocracy. Khanna will help promote those values in a U.S. Capitol that desperately needs them."

The endorsement is a boost to Khanna as the two are locked in a hard-fought race. Both are expected to advance to the general election in the heavily Democratic district this fall following California's June all-party primaries.