When MSNBC anchor Chuck Todd asked Rep. Howard Berman about his super-PACs Thursday morning, the California Democrat took issue with the question.

"No, it's not fair. I have no super-PACs. I have not been involved," he said.

Berman, who is facing a primary fight against fellow Democratic Rep. Brad Sherman (Calif.), said he hated the Citizens United decision that cleared the way for super-PACs, and wanted that ruling overturned.

"I have done everything to discourage any super-PAC creations, and I've done nothing to encourage them," Berman said.

But Berman's official campaign has posted on its website a news story headlined "A Third Super PAC to Bring Funds to Berman’s Re-election Campaign."

The story, from local blog Encino Patch, is included on a "latest news" page that also features stories about Berman's California fundraisers and supporters. The story lists the names of three super-PACs reportedly supporting Berman: The Committee to Elect an Effective Valley Congressman, the Valley-Israel Alliance and Rebuilding America.

"You can’t have your PAC and eat it too," said Sherman spokesman Parke Skelton.

A spokeswoman for Berman did not immediately respond to requests for comment.