House Democrats are pushing for a constitutional amendment to reverse the effects of the Supreme Court's decisions deregulating campaign spending.

They will introduce House legislation to change the law, culled from more than a dozen separate Democratic proposals to change the Constitution. The amendment would give Congress and the states the authority to regulate campaign spending in the way they did before the decisions.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) said at a Tuesday afternoon press conference that the push was to make sure Americans had "a government of the many, not a government of the money."

Outside group money, including cash from super-PACs, has flooded the political system since the Supreme Court began knocking down campaign finance laws, fundamentally changing elections. Conservatives have had the edge in spending overall, though millions have poured in from both sides.

The lawmakers admitted the effort to overturn the Supreme Court's Citizens United and McCutcheon decisions would be a long, hard battle, however. Rep. Donna Edwards (D-Md.) called it an "arduous process," and admitted the Supreme Court's decisions had not left them "any other choice but to amend the Constitution."

Democrats believe the renewed push, coming just months before the 2014 elections, could help boost their election results.

"I think that this is going to be an issue that motivates the electorate in every single election until it's solved," Rep. John Sarbanes (D-Md.) told The Hill.