National Republican Congressional Committee Chairman Greg Walden (R-Ore.) plans to run for another term as chairman after the 2014 election.

"I fully intend to seek reelection as NRCC chairman. I enjoy my work," Walden told reporters at a Tuesday afternoon press conference.

Walden is serving in his first term as chairman after serving as vice chairman in the previous few cycles.

Walden also scoffed at Democratic claims that Republicans were pushing for impeachment of President Obama, calling it a fundraising stunt for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. 

"It is a White House, DCCC fundraising scheme," he said of Democrats' fundraising push on impeachment.  "It's very clear impeachment is not on the table. ... No one in leadership is talking about the 'I word.'"

Walden said he thought Republicans would pick up seats this fall, partly because of Obama, and attacked the president for what he said was a focus only on fundraising and not running the country.

"The summer of disengagement is frankly going to to turn into the November of disaster," he said.

Walden called the NRCC's "Drive to 245" campaign, aimed at netting 11 seats this fall, an "aspirational and ambitious" but achievable goal.

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