Rep. Mike Coffman (R-Colo.) spaced out on the term "birth control" during a Thursday debate with his Democratic opponent.

Coffman cramped up when asked what his views were on "women's reproductive rights and healthcare" from an audience member, struggling to remember the term.

"I believe, I'm pro-life and proud of that," Coffman said before freezing up.

"And I do not support personhood, but I support a woman's access to, certainly to this Hobby Lobby decision, to get ..." he said, freezing for a moment, touching his opponent on the shoulder and tapping his forehead before someone in the audience says "birth control."

"Birth control!" he repeats with relief, to laughs from the audience, before dropping the microphone, giving a wry grin and throwing his hands wide in an exaggerated shrug.

The video was quickly circulated by the Democratic opposition research group American Bridge, which called it his "Rick Perry moment" in an email.

Coffman is facing a tough race against former Colorado Speaker Andrew Romanoff (D).

His campaign fired back.

"Mike is a Marine. He's never claimed to be slick, but his position on the issue is clear — he fully supports access," Coffman spokesman Tyler Sandberg said in an email before pointing out that Romanoff wouldn't take a position on whether or not the Keystone XL oil pipeline should be built. 

"What's more important to voters - the fact that Mike couldn't find a word on the tip of his tongue, or the fact that Andrew Romanoff couldn't find the nerve to take a position on the major policy choice affecting American energy independence?" Sandberg asked.

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