The DCCC is running advertisements on the ferry reminding voters of the campaign finance allegations against Rep. Michael Grimm (R-N.Y.).

Grimm, who represents all of Staten Island, faces questions about whether he received illegal campaign contributions from the followers of an influential rabbi. Grimm has said any suggestions that he broke any laws are false.

"Your congressman: Michael Grimm, looking out for himself, not you," reads the DCCC ad, which includes headlines about the allegations from local and national news outlets.

The DCCC did not disclose the cost of the ads, but said they would run through the end of April. House Democrats have also hit Grimm's district with robocalls urging voters to tell Grimm to vote against the GOP budget proposal.

Grimm called the DCCC's tactics disgusting and said voters would reject the claims in November when they overwhelmingly reelect him to the House.

"This brings credence to our call that this is political from the beginning," Grimm said in a statement to The Hill. "The people of Staten Island and Brooklyn know I have been fighting hard for them and I have the record to prove it, which is why the DCCC must resort to smear tactics."

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