Rep. Brad Sherman's (D-Calif.) campaign sent out different mail pieces to Jewish and non-Jewish voters in his district, one with his mother and one with her Photoshopped out of the family portrait.

While targeting different groups with different mail pieces is a common campaign tactic, the campaign took some heat for the move. Now Sherman's campaign responds explaining its decision.

"Brad looks good in the photo, and getting five others, including three kids, to cooperate in unison in a photo is no small feat, especially on a busy playground," Sherman spokesman John Schwada told The Hill. "The campaign decided to use the original, with Mrs. Sherman, in the mailer sent to Jewish voters. Mrs. Sherman is active in the Jewish community, and it was thought her image in the photo would help make a connection with Jewish voters. As it prepared another mailing, to a wider demographic, the campaign realized the photo was, unfortunately, awkwardly composed in such a way that it almost appeared Mrs. Sherman was extraneous to the family portrait, as if she were an unexplained bystander. Instead of re-shooting the photo, Mrs. Sherman was simply Photoshopped out of the wider mailer."

Sherman is running against Rep. Howard Berman (D-Calif.) in a Los Angeles district that combines their old territory.