"Chris Gibson, one of the crowd ... the crowd that wants  to end Medicare," a voice-over says.

Gibson's seat is fast becoming a new target for Democrats hoping to take back the House. A super-PAC backing candidates poised to snag Republican seats, House Majority PAC, recently invested funds in the race, and the district is on the DCCC's list of Red to Blue races, contests Dems think they can win to shift the makeup of the House.

But Republicans won't let that happen easily. National Republican Congressional Committee spokesman Nat Sillin put out a statement in response to the ad accusing the Democrats of distracting from facts.

“Facts are facts, Julian Schreibman is the only candidate in this race who supports cutting $700 billion from Medicare. He’s already been called out for fear mongering and offering no plan of his own to save Medicare — so it’s unsurprising they are peddling more of the same distractions and distortions to hide from the facts," Sillin said, referencing an Albany Times-Union piece that accused the Democratic candidate of engaging in scare-tactics in the Medicare debate.