While Democrats are using Medicare attacks across the board, the Illinois ads target the Republicans for issues specific to each individual as well. One ad attacks Plummer for having "one full-time job, working for his dad," and the DCCC accuses Schilling of "losing touch" with Illinoisans.

In California, Reps. Jeff Denham and Brian Bilbray are both criticized for voting for the Ryan budget. The DCCC accuses Denham of accepting pay raises while taking gifts from lobbyists, while it characterizes Bilbray as having raised thousands of dollars from special interest groups he lobbied for during his career.

The DCCC's Arizona ad, targeting Republican Jonathan Paton, doesn't mention Medicare. Instead, it labels him as a corporate lobbyist defending the "predatory" payday loan industry for his own benefit.

And in Ohio, the DCCC tries a unique tactic against Republican Rep. Jim Renacci, featuring Ohio citizen Laura Smart sharing her story of surviving breast cancer. She says that while doctors caught her cancer in time, a lot of others "aren't so lucky."

"I'll never understand these guys in Washington like Jim Renacci," she says, citing what she says were votes against funding for breast and cervical cancer screenings.

"Jim Renacci sure puts himself ahead of us," she adds.