His remarks came at a conference with a dozen or so House candidates who took different shots at the "Tea Party Republican" House, flanked by poster-sized pink slips aimed at House Republicans that said, "Notice of termination: You're fired!"

Some of those candidates took to the podium to rehash attacks on the GOP for protecting tax breaks for large oil companies, wanting to overhaul Medicare and, in the words of Illinois House candidate Brad Schneider, for their "assault on women's healthcare."

Most independent analysts expect Democrats will win seats but fall far short of the net of 25 they need to win back the chamber — The Hill predicts they'll win eight to 10. Israel said he wasn't concerned with the "prophecies" of observers, however, and used a football analogy to argue that if the current political climate holds up, his party will win back control of the chamber.

"We've got the ball on their 20-yard line. The next 20 yards will largely be defined whether we have a wind against us or a wind at our backs. Right now we've got a wind at our backs," he said.

The National Republican Congressional Committee fired back.

"“The Democrat [sic.] team has fumbled the economy and American taxpayers have been left to foot the bill," NRCC spokeswoman Andrea Bozek said in a statement. "With President Obama as their quarterback they might as well take a knee now rather than defend their spending sprees that have made our economy worse."

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