It's unique in the line of typical campaign ads focusing on women's issues in that it uses men to make its argument. The 30-second spot shows clips of six men explaining why they wouldn't vote for Guinta, including what they characterize as his position to limit access to contraception and his position in favor of letting "the government decide" on women's health issues.

"Frank Guinta wants to put the government in charge of women's medical decisions," one man asserts.

"I'm a man," three of them say, and one adds, "But I have a problem with Frank Guinta."

The ad comes out just a few days after the release of a DCCC poll that put Democrat Carol Shea-Porter in a statistical tie with Guinta, with 48 percent support to Guinta's 47 percent support, and with 4 percent of likely voters in New Hampshire's 1st District undecided.

Guinta is one of the DCCC's top targets, and though Shea-Porter lost to him by 12 points in 2010, she's been pulling slightly ahead in most recent polls, including an independent poll in early August when she held a 2-percentage-point lead.

The Hill rates this race as a toss-up.

Watch the ad: