A new Democratic poll shows a close race in Montana's statewide House seat.

Republican Steve Daines holds a narrow lead over Democrat Kim Gillan, 36 percent to 34, with a high number of undecided voters remaining. That's unsurprising: Neither has been on the air with advertising much in the state, where a tight Senate and governor's race have dominated headlines.

Partisan polls should always be viewed skeptically, and this may skew a bit Democratic. It has Mitt Romney leading President Obama by 48 percent to 44, a slightly narrower gap than has been seen in public polling in the GOP-leaning state.

The poll of 600 likely voters was conducted from Sept. 23-26 by the Mellman Group and has a margin of error of plus or minus 4 percentage points. The group's founder, Mark Mellman, is a columnist for The Hill.