The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) has topped the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) in fundraising for the first two weeks of October, and outpaced its GOP rival for the election cycle, a rarity for the minority party, especially in a year where there's no clear momentum for either side.

The DCCC brought in $9.5 million from Oct. 1-17, while the NRCC raised $7.2 million in that period. Since the beginning of the two-year election cycle, the DCCC raised $151.9 million to the NRCC's $135.7 million, though some of that money was used to pay down debt accrued from 2010.

The NRCC has a slight edge in cash left in the bank, though both committees have already been spending heavily on television advertising and reservations. The NRCC has $11 million in the bank to the DCCC's $10.1 million. The DCCC also recently opened a $17 million line of credit, which it also did in 2010 in a failed effort to protect the House majority.

The DCCC's slight edge in fundraising, however, is more than offset by heavy spending by pro-Republican outside groups on House races.

Republicans are likely to retain control of the House, though Democrats will probably pick up a net of between five and 10 seats in the election.