All but Davis, Fitzpatrick and Joyce carried districts in which President Obama also won last cycle, indicating they're top pickup opportunities for Democrats facing a tough road to winning back the majority in the House.

The group will launch a package of attacks geared toward each lawmaker individually, efforts that will "lay the groundwork for increased political activity" in 2014.

“Whether it’s supporting the end of Medicare as we know it, backing tax cuts for the wealthy, working to roll back the clock on women’s rights or opposing stem-cell research, these Republicans are simply out of step with the districts they represent. House Majority PAC will work to ensure voters know the truth," said HMP executive director Alixandria Lapp in the release.

HMP was one of the bigger spenders on the Democratic side in 2012, and the group frames its mission as leveling the playing field for Democrats, who were overwhelmed by GOP outside groups in 2010.

According to data compiled by the Sunlight Foundation, HMP had a more than 70 percent winning record, spending more than $30 million in 2012 on dozens of races.