DCCC targets House Republicans on sequestration

“Congressman Young and Tea Party House Republicans are so dysfunctional that they refuse to find solutions to our problems – and the thousands of Americans who will be laid off in a few weeks will be the victims,” Emily Bittner, press secretary for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, writes in the release sent to Rep. Bill Young's (R-Fla.) district.

Bittner goes on to call the impending sequestration "yet another crisis manufactured by Congressman Young and the Tea Party Republicans, who are playing games and letting these indiscriminate cuts happen because they won’t make millionaires pay their fair share.”

The DCCC is sending a similar release to the districts of more than 40 vulnerable House Republicans.

President Obama called on Wednesday for Congress to delay the cuts temporarily. But a number of conservative House Republicans have expressed a willingness to let sequestration go into effect, most notably House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio).

Boehner indicated that while he would like to come to a compromise to avoid sequestration, any agreement would have to include suitable spending cuts, without which, he said, he'd be willing to let the sequester take effect.

But a group of House and Senate Republican defense hawks announced Wednesday they are reviving a proposal to avoid the first year of sequestration cuts by reducing the size of the federal workforce, an effort to get out ahead on what could be a nasty fight over a solution to the upcoming automatic cuts.

However, Democrats are hoping to focus in on the portion of the GOP that has shown an openness to implementation of the sequester, as evidenced by Thursday's release from the DCCC, an effort to tag House Republicans as extreme.

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