ShePAC, a group launched by Palin allies that supports Republican women, rips a former Illinois County chairman, Jim Allen, for attacking attorney Erika Harold (R), who is black, as a "streetwalker." 

Allen said Harold would lose the primary challenge and end up "working for some law firm that needs to meet their quota for minority hires" after she loses the primary to Davis.

"Erika Harold needs our help," the group emailed in a fundraiser to supporters Friday afternoon. "A conservative congressional candidate, Harvard-educated attorney, former Miss America, and confident woman, she is suffering a brutally sexist and racist attack. Sadly, this attack is not coming from the left, it is coming from within our own party."

The organization then asks for donations on Harold's behalf and calls for Allen to resign from his post, which he did as of Thursday.

Davis disavowed the remarks — as did Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus and other prominent Republicans.

The organization isn't officially affiliated with Palin, though many of its top operatives are former Palin supporters and staffers. 

While Davis is thought to have the clear advantage in the primary, the comments have given Harold a national spotlight she might otherwise have struggled to find, and could boost her campaign.