It's Organizing for Action's (OFA) first foray into the upcoming budget fights, and it's the group's latest effort to protect ObamaCare. 

OFA ran a series of ads this summer touting the law's benefits, but this indicates the group is pivoting to offense in the fight to maintain what has become a focal point for Obama's main detractors in Congress, and what remains a controversial law.

The ad, which is part of a national television and digital advertising push, notes that House Republicans have voted more than 40 times to dismantle or delay ObamaCare, "just to prove their allegiance to their right wing."

"Okay, they've said their piece. But now they've gone even further, threatening to shut down the government if ObamaCare isn't dismantled," the narrator says.

"It could disrupt Social Security and veterans benefits, hurt job growth and undermine our economic recovery. Tell these House Republicans: Enough already," the narrator closes.

Conservatives in Congress are threatening to oppose any government funding measure that funds ObamaCare, effectively threatening to cause a government shutdown over the law.

Establishment Republicans believe such an effort, if it were successful, would be politically harmful to the GOP because the party would ultimately receive the blame for a shutdown.

But Daniel Scarpinato, spokesman for the National Republican Congressional Committee, slammed OFA for the ad, charging that Obama should work with Republicans to fix the law.

“Rather than running more negative and dishonest campaign ads, President Obama and his political cronies should listen to the will of the American people and actually work with Republicans on solutions that will prevent ObamaCare from tanking our economy and eroding middle class families' health care," he said in an email.

Watch the ad: